Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Eyes Bleed Or Do They Decieve

Why...Nooo! Enough said.


You have nothing to be smiling about Amerie!
xoxo, Cali.

Tribute To A Great

Tracee Ellis Rossssss! I absolutely love this woman, I love her acting, sense of style, hair, body, everything about her is Ama-ziiing! Now i love my carrie bradshaw, dont get me wrong, but before i was put on to sex & the city...Girlfriends were always there for me and especially the great Joan Clayton. She was my favorite character. She really embodied her role to the maximum and i laughed the hardest ive ever laughed when i watched her on the show. My Girlfriends dvd collection is almost complete but i still get sad when i think about the show being over ;( but anyhow here are some great photos of the beautiful Tracee...

Truly one of the greats, I hope & wish to see more of her soon!
xoxo, Cali.

& Never Look Back

Weight! Unfortunately...in my case..weight has always been an issue. I would go through the typical yo-yo dieting and could be very skinny at one point and then very heavy in another. Not only does this put an immense amount of stress on my body, it also has a very detrimental affect on my spirit as a person. Now that I am older I have made an honest choice to no longer lose control of myself and my weight. Now that I am working on this goal I am the happiest I have ever been. It feel great to be in control and be healthy..so far I have lost 50lbs...sure I would like to loose more but I will take my time and enjoy myself while I get there... Here are a few before and afters....


BTW.... there is absolutely nothing wrong with being plus sized its more about being you but being healthy at the same time and making sure you stay active and keep your heart moving. ;)

xoxo, Cali.

Wishlist: Faux Fur For Spring

 Spring? Yesss for spring! Unfortunately, unlike my hometown weather in California, it doesn't begin to become cool here in Florida until spring. During my spring semesters the weather here is beautiful and it actually gets cold enough to wear your amazing leather boots and jackets, this spring I am on the hunt for Faux Fur! I want a fur vest, fur shoulder pads & a fur wrap (maybe) ;).... I do not own any of the items I placed on my wishlist yet, but as I thrift shop this season I will be on the lookout for these key items.


Shoulder Pads (not so extreme)


Give Me Floral Or Give Me Death

kk maybe not death but i have this immeasurable love for all things floral. I think it comes from the fact that when you see floral and you assume femininity and i appreciate being a female of course. I know floral was pretty huge last spring but i feel that it is one of those prints that are considered classics. Floral will never go away! Here I am sporting my new favorite vintage floral blazer....
Here are some other ways to wear Floral Blazers....

A Limitless Love

okay.... so her hair is what first caught my eye but then i heard her speak and realized she was reciting a poem, instant love! please check this out if you love poems especially ones about LOVE!

Street Style Dopery!

Just a few of some eye catching street styles that i would most definitely wear myself, enjoy!

im loving the solid mini dresses in the bold colors it has a vintage feel (doo wop era) plus the (twa's) are the ultimate seller for me

cheetah pants speak for themselves cheetah is an everlasting print style that will never disappoint.

im a huge fan of high waisted and pants that cuff at the knee she is rocking this look very nicely very comfy yet stylish.

this emsemble as a whole is amazing. nothing matches yet its very electric. she sealed the deal with her high bun & drop earrings

so simple the heels and necklace make everything else fall into place. her hairstyle is my curly hair style staple.

i fell in love with the bagginess of her top and both of their shoes are kill.

here goes that cheetah once again. what caught my eye mainly was the nicely placed broach on her sweater both outfits are f'n swell.

instant attraction and appreciation for her statement necklace. i need to incorporate more aftican inspired pieces into my own collection. twa is kill.

sheer fabric is most definitely in this season! paired with loose fitting pants and in all white is the best part of this whole outfit.
xoxo, Cali