Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple yet Chic

I decided to come up with some simple quick looks for the workplace or any type of event in which someone may need an idea to spruce up their natural hair look. I have natural curly hair type 3c...I love wearing my hair down alot but sometimes after a few hours my curls begin to change and they become puffier and shorter so I wanted to come up with a few updo's and makeup looks that you may tickle your fancy...

First Look: Red/Wine Lips & Silver Eye
Low Bun with Hair Loose on top w/Blk Flower

Second Look: Silver/Purple Smokey Eye & Nude Lips
Hair: High Bun with Front Left Out Swept into a Poof

Third Look: Neutral Grey Eye & Muave Wine Tinted Lips
Hair: 2 Strand Twist Pulled to the Side w/the remainder hair swept
into a side bun.

Please keep in mind this is 2 day hair with only conditioner used & these are
quick looks I just threw together
so they are not really polished and ready to wear out lol...
just to give you an idea or inspiration...


Prep In Ya Step

In reference to one of my fashion posts for, I blogged about the latest trend in mens' fashion that I absolutely adore. The "Ivy League" look. A look in which is taken from the early fashion that was seen at Ivy League schools. Men would wear rugby colors, fitted trousers, penny loafers, and pocket squares for example. Wow, the image of Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air just popped into my head when I was describing the attire. How funny, who would of thought his fashion sense would finally be accepted and embraced now. How I love fashion! Either way I appreciate where Hip Hop fashion seems to be going and this is one trend I hope never fades. Men wearing polished, more refined and paying attention to detail is the best. Here I styled my wonderful model (bf) in a Prep inspired ensemble....

This was a very simple look to throw together, he is known for dressing up to par daily so
working with the clothes in his closet was an easy process.

Hat: Red/Orange Accent Plaid Jacket: Thrifted Tweed Top: Burnt Orange
Pants: Thifted Striped with Navy Blue Belt: Thrifted Shoes: Suede Loafers
Sidenote: His pants are actually a little baggier than
I would have used but I tried to make them work ;)
For the link to my original Fashion Post
on Click Here

xoxo, Cali

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Don't forget to smile and have fun!


Ode to Military

I salute this I swear I do! I have always been a fan of military wear and jackets...they are awesome and it gives your look an instant edge and roughness. Ever since I've been living in Miami, I can't find a good jacket yet any jacket! I have found a few light grey army camo but they have been too big, in Cali, Salvation Army is guaranteed to have them in stock all colors and sizes. I think I'm going to have to wait until I go back to purchase one or two. Here are some more inspiring militant looks.....

xoxo, Cali.


I am probably extremely late on this but I just noticed this unique beautiful model named Chrishell, now that I think about it I have seen one of her pictures before but it wasn't something that stuck to me like Chanel Iman or Sessilee Lopez but if you have been living under a rock like myself then you can be introduced to her now as well. LOL...
 A tid bit about Chrishell is that she is from Turks and Caicos she first made her debut as an 18 year old in 2007 appearing in Teen Vogue. In Fall 2010, she hit the big runway shows, modeling for Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and Lacoste (just to name a few). If your like me, then you like to follow beautiful african american or of color models on their journey to the top! Here are some more pictures....

Below is a picture of Chrishell in her younger modeling

Not to forget to mention her amazing long natural hair, I'm a fan. :D

xoxo, Cali.

Janelle Monae Inspired

My sister and I adore little miss Janelle Monae... to her music, fashion, features everything about her is amazing! I seen this look and had to post it. We previously made a post showing a Janelle Monae inspired hair do' look..but this here is a latest emsemble Miss Monae was rocking at 20th Annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards...

Her makeup is very clean and flawless and I am loving the simple black liner eyes
with the Hot Pink Lips! I am thinking M.A.C's Girl About Town (below) would be
the perfect pink for this look...

For the hair tutorial.. I am posting
this video from youtube to get an idea
of how to achieve her hairstyle

xoxo, Cali

Big Tune

Random Favorites..

1. Coldplay- Fix You

2. Kid Cudi Ft. David Guetta- Memories

3. Grind Mode- Extasy

4. The Cranberries- Linger

5. Santogold- Shove it (Switch Remix)

6. The Hues Corporation- Rock The Boat

7. Apollonia 6- Sex Shooter

8. James Brown- Sex Machine

9. Kanye West- All of the Lights

10. Melonie Fiona- It Kills Me

11. James Brown- The Big Payback

12. Jamie Foxx ft. Drake- Fall For Your Type

13. Aaliyah- At Your Best

14. Anita Ward- Ring My Bell

15. Basement Jaxx- Scars

16. Taylor Swift- Back In September <3

"Very Random Music Just The Way I Like It.."
These songs will be added to my ipod playlist posted on the side
bar if you are interested in hearing the songs...

xoxo, Cali

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Current Obession

Silk blouses! Silks are very retro yet classy chic. I, myself sort of stumbled across these blouses while thrift shopping one day. I had always overlooked this style until I spotted a beautiful leopard print blouse that was definitley calling my name. At the time, I did not know exactly how I was going to wear it but I knew I had to have it. Needing an outfit for a night out, I decided to throw the oversized leopard blouse on with a black skirt, I rolled up the sleeves and tucked it in...I instantly fell in love with the look and now have a profound appreciation for silk and blouses! Here are a few cool looks on how to wear silk...