Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneak Peak Men's Fashion Shoot!

So, last night I provided makeup for another dope photoshoot. It featured Men this time! yess, I wanted to showcase that men can look cool in makeup as well. The shoot featured my wonderful boyfriend Gillie, and his best friend Enrique. We decided on a "Modern Rat Pack" theme and the second look was a "creature of the night" dark yet masculine with the tuxedo jacket and vest. The shoot took about 4 hours and these are just some of the pictures I captured with my own camera, the professional ones are going to be sick! Check out the looks below....

(Left) Enrique (Right) Gillie

xoxo, Cali

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stripes Meet Leopard

This is a simple going out outfit I helped my sister Ricci create. She didn't think mixing stripes with leopard would mesh well but with my eagle eye, I knew it would be a hit! I don't know if some of you are like myself but I am a huge visual person. I can create looks in my mind that I know will work. For example, I love to redecorate my room I hate to have it look the same for too long but I like to stand in a corner and visually move furniture around to different places and from there, I go to work putting each piece in its place just as I envisioned. Its great, I love it! That's why I would really like to take up photography, my mind is constantly thinking creative thoughts and taking pictures of these thoughts would be amazing! Well anyway, here are a few pictures of my sister's Fit Of The Night...

Top: Miami Gift Shop Belt: Thrifted Skirt: Thrifted Shoes:F21
Bangle & Ring: Torrid or Lane Bryant :/ Earrings: F21


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sneak Peak MUA In Action

So other than my undying love of fashion...I also have a great love for makeup actually anything creative  I am automatically attracted to it and I want to be a part of it in some kind of way. Welll I have a sneak peak of behind the scenes photoshoot with my friend Akwanique. It was sooo much fun and the photos are going to be amazing. I took a couple snap shots with my own camera but the professional ones are coming soon!  I am definitley on my way to building my portfolio many upcoming projects coming!

Oh how badly I wished I could be directing a photoshoot myself...soon! but btw..
the professional photos will showcase my makeup skills...

*If you live in the Miami area and would like to have your makeup done and professinally photographed please send me an email.... I need MODELS (men & women) :D

xoxo, Cali.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pink Dreams

Quick Make Up Look For The Day...
I was in a bit of a rush so i opted for a neutral look with a hint of pink on my lips..

Products used:
Mac Foundation
Loreal True Match Press Powder (W4)
Lancome Mascara
Nyx Eyebrow Pencial
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette (Grey)
Nyx Lipstick in (316 B -Blossom)
F21 Blush in Rose
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder (030 sunkiss)

*Drop Feather Earrings made by myself ;)*

Hope you like!

xoxo, Cali.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Q & A: Thrift Shopping

I appreciate all questions from followers my best friend Jay asked:

Q: You mention you like to thrift shop can you give us any pointers or tips on choosing key and correct pieces for our wardrobes?

A: Great Question! For one, a great tip would have to be that you have to be patient and actually go through many isles and piles and heaps of stuff to find the perfect pieces. Yes, this can be time consuming but it will be truly worth it once you get the hang of it. Secondly, you have to have a vision and an open mind for choosing  clothes, if you see something you like just place it in your cart and keep finding other items. Once you feel like you are done shopping, look through your finds and imagine how you could wear the pieces and if these pieces are versatile for your own wordrobe. The best thing to do when thrift shopping it to have a lookbook with you such as magazine looks you like, pictures you may have and then you will have things to look for when shopping. Lastly, thrift store clothing is the best for altering, cutting up, tearing up etc. If you see pieces that may fit bigger than you would like or longer there are ways around it adding belts or hems will help alter your peices with minimal alteration.

So in a nutshell, just remember...

1. Be patient, shop when you have lots of time to look through clothing.
2. Have an open mind, imagine how you could wear something or incorporate with clothing you already own. 
3. Bring inspiration, notes, pictures, magazine cutouts anything to help you zero in on pieces you already want or are interested in.
5. The more vintage the item is, the longer it will last throughout seasons, you don't want to go and buy items that are very trendy now and will probably be gone next season.
6. Neutrals, Prints, Leather, Fur, Belts, Berets, are great key items.
7. Have fun!

Here are some looks that are mainly thrifted:

Picture Source (


Current Vibes

Random Ipod Mix

1. Ryan Leslie- Something That I like
2. Ivy Queen- Quiero Bailar
3. Christina Aguliera- Somebodys Somebody
4. Paramore- Pressure
5. Richie Loop- In My Cup
6. Michael Jackson- Off The Wall
7. Alicia Keys- Diary
8. Two Door Cinema- Undercover Martyn
9. Aventura- Dile Al Amor
10.Talib Kweli & HI Tek- The Blast
11. Solange- Under Construction
12. Nicki Minaj- Massive Attack
13. Miguel- Overload
14. Melonie Fiona- You Stop My Heart
15.Lloyd- Cadillac Love
16. Kanye West- Robocop
17.Janet Jackson- Lets Wait Awhile
18. Freeway Ft. Jay-Z- What We Do Is Wrong
19. Beenie Man Ft. Mya- Girls Dem Sugar
20. 311- Love Song

I appreciate all music, so if you do as well then
check these song out!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Eyes Bleed Or Do They Decieve

Why...Nooo! Enough said.


You have nothing to be smiling about Amerie!
xoxo, Cali.

Tribute To A Great

Tracee Ellis Rossssss! I absolutely love this woman, I love her acting, sense of style, hair, body, everything about her is Ama-ziiing! Now i love my carrie bradshaw, dont get me wrong, but before i was put on to sex & the city...Girlfriends were always there for me and especially the great Joan Clayton. She was my favorite character. She really embodied her role to the maximum and i laughed the hardest ive ever laughed when i watched her on the show. My Girlfriends dvd collection is almost complete but i still get sad when i think about the show being over ;( but anyhow here are some great photos of the beautiful Tracee...

Truly one of the greats, I hope & wish to see more of her soon!
xoxo, Cali.

& Never Look Back

Weight! my case..weight has always been an issue. I would go through the typical yo-yo dieting and could be very skinny at one point and then very heavy in another. Not only does this put an immense amount of stress on my body, it also has a very detrimental affect on my spirit as a person. Now that I am older I have made an honest choice to no longer lose control of myself and my weight. Now that I am working on this goal I am the happiest I have ever been. It feel great to be in control and be far I have lost 50lbs...sure I would like to loose more but I will take my time and enjoy myself while I get there... Here are a few before and afters....


BTW.... there is absolutely nothing wrong with being plus sized its more about being you but being healthy at the same time and making sure you stay active and keep your heart moving. ;)

xoxo, Cali.

Wishlist: Faux Fur For Spring

 Spring? Yesss for spring! Unfortunately, unlike my hometown weather in California, it doesn't begin to become cool here in Florida until spring. During my spring semesters the weather here is beautiful and it actually gets cold enough to wear your amazing leather boots and jackets, this spring I am on the hunt for Faux Fur! I want a fur vest, fur shoulder pads & a fur wrap (maybe) ;).... I do not own any of the items I placed on my wishlist yet, but as I thrift shop this season I will be on the lookout for these key items.


Shoulder Pads (not so extreme)