Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple yet Chic

I decided to come up with some simple quick looks for the workplace or any type of event in which someone may need an idea to spruce up their natural hair look. I have natural curly hair type 3c...I love wearing my hair down alot but sometimes after a few hours my curls begin to change and they become puffier and shorter so I wanted to come up with a few updo's and makeup looks that you may tickle your fancy...

First Look: Red/Wine Lips & Silver Eye
Low Bun with Hair Loose on top w/Blk Flower

Second Look: Silver/Purple Smokey Eye & Nude Lips
Hair: High Bun with Front Left Out Swept into a Poof

Third Look: Neutral Grey Eye & Muave Wine Tinted Lips
Hair: 2 Strand Twist Pulled to the Side w/the remainder hair swept
into a side bun.

Please keep in mind this is 2 day hair with only conditioner used & these are
quick looks I just threw together
so they are not really polished and ready to wear out lol...
just to give you an idea or inspiration...


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