Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prep In Ya Step

In reference to one of my fashion posts for, I blogged about the latest trend in mens' fashion that I absolutely adore. The "Ivy League" look. A look in which is taken from the early fashion that was seen at Ivy League schools. Men would wear rugby colors, fitted trousers, penny loafers, and pocket squares for example. Wow, the image of Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air just popped into my head when I was describing the attire. How funny, who would of thought his fashion sense would finally be accepted and embraced now. How I love fashion! Either way I appreciate where Hip Hop fashion seems to be going and this is one trend I hope never fades. Men wearing polished, more refined and paying attention to detail is the best. Here I styled my wonderful model (bf) in a Prep inspired ensemble....

This was a very simple look to throw together, he is known for dressing up to par daily so
working with the clothes in his closet was an easy process.

Hat: Red/Orange Accent Plaid Jacket: Thrifted Tweed Top: Burnt Orange
Pants: Thifted Striped with Navy Blue Belt: Thrifted Shoes: Suede Loafers
Sidenote: His pants are actually a little baggier than
I would have used but I tried to make them work ;)
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xoxo, Cali

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