Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am probably extremely late on this but I just noticed this unique beautiful model named Chrishell, now that I think about it I have seen one of her pictures before but it wasn't something that stuck to me like Chanel Iman or Sessilee Lopez but if you have been living under a rock like myself then you can be introduced to her now as well. LOL...
 A tid bit about Chrishell is that she is from Turks and Caicos she first made her debut as an 18 year old in 2007 appearing in Teen Vogue. In Fall 2010, she hit the big runway shows, modeling for Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and Lacoste (just to name a few). If your like me, then you like to follow beautiful african american or of color models on their journey to the top! Here are some more pictures....

Below is a picture of Chrishell in her younger modeling

Not to forget to mention her amazing long natural hair, I'm a fan. :D

xoxo, Cali.

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  1. she's bueatiful but in that greatly unique way!!!